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What Your Dreams Say About You

Ever tried to decode the meaning of a strange dream you had? You’re not alone. Humans have been trying to make sense of bedtime visions since the beginning of time.

Thanks to modern technology, we no longer have to rely on Sigmund Freud’s theories as these advances have allowed scientists to study the neural activity that goes on inside our heads when we sleep.

What Do We Know About Dreams?

Our dreams can tell us a lot about our personalities and help to identify what may be going on in our lives.

Our dreams can tell us a lot about our personalities and help to identify what may be going on in our lives.

According to scientific studies, it’s the inferior lingual gyrus region of the brain that is involved with or generates the transmission of dreaming. “In dreams, new information is combined with old information of the person’s life in a creative way so that new solutions might emerge,” says researcher Michael Schredl, PhD, from the Central Institute of Mental Health sleep laboratory in Germany.

Modern technology has also allowed scientists to learn the mechanisms that go on in dream retrieval. In a 2011 study, a team of Italian scientists measured the electrical brain waves of sleepers and concluded that dreamers remember their dreams better when awoken during rapid eye movement sleep (REM) because we exhibit more low frequency theta waves in the frontal lobes during this period. This brain activity is identical to the recollection of memories while we are awake, which means that the neurophysiological mechanisms for remembering dreams and remembering real-life events are virtually the same.

What Do Your Dreams Say About You?

If you want to make sense of your dreams, first put paper and a pencil on your nightstand, and write down what you dreamed about when you first wake up, Michael Schredl advises. Then compare notes with this list of 6 common dreams, what they mean, and what to do about them.

1. Being Chased

You’re running as fast as you can from something but can’t quite seem to shake it. It’s a very common dream and it could be an important indicator to problems in your life.

What It Means – Chances are this dream is indicative that you may be having problems getting past some issues, be it a relationship dispute or a business issue.

What You Should Do – Because this dream is often a representation of avoidance behaviour, think about what you may be dodging in life and examining it. Try and address the issue head-on and try to solve it or move past it.

2. Drowning

You’re in the sea or a swimming pool but you just don’t seem to float, or maybe you’re choking.

What It Means – If you have these terrible dreams, you could have sleep apnoea, which is a condition that can cause you to stop breathing intermittently while asleep.

What You Should Do – There are many things you can do if you think you suffer from sleep apnoea. Firstly, you should contact your doctor. You can also try some of these home remedies. We have also made the world’s first ergonomic bed which can help reduce snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms.

3. Surreal Settings

Having surreal dreams? It might be time to explore your creativity more!

Having surreal dreams? It might be time to explore your creativity more!

Having dreams about unusual or surreal settings or obstacles in the natural world?

What It Means – Creative people are more likely to have surreal dreams and have different obstacles occur in natural settings, such as a log or rock they can’t get around.

What You Should Do – Your body is trying to tell you to explore your creativity more. Find a new creative outlet or try something different.

4. Teeth Falling Out

It sounds like a scene from a horror film, but maybe you visualise your teeth dropping out, crumbling or shattering.

What It Means – Teeth are actually symbols of confidence, after all, we show them when we smile. This dream may indicate your self-esteem may need a little boost.

What You Should Do – Studies show that mimicking confidence leads to the real thing – so fake it ‘til you make it! For example, research by Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy, PhD indicates that confident body language increases testosterone levels, which leads to higher feelings of confidence.

5. Falling

You step off the curb and fall flat on your face, or maybe you took a nose-dive straight off a cliff – either way you’ve most likely woken up as soon as you hit the floor!

What It Means – If you’ve had a slip in your dream, you’ve just experienced a myoclonic jerk (the twitches we experience in the first stages of sleep when our muscles relax). The second, more dramatic fall happens when you’re in a deep sleep. If you have experienced this, it is often a reflection of perceived failure in your life.

What You Should Do – Whatever type of fall you’ve taken in your dream, it’s a sign of tension. Our tip is just to relax, destress, exercise more or go to bed early.

6. Finding an Unused Room

You’re walking through a house, maybe the one you grew up in. Normally, you’d know every square inch of that place—but you soon find a door you’ve never seen before. Behind it is an empty room.

What It Means – Home is the most frequently occurring symbol in dreams. It can actually represent yourself, and each room reflects a different aspect of your personality. When you find an unused room, you could be discovering an aspect of your identity that you may be neglecting — it could even be an untapped talent or passion. The bigger the room you find, the bigger the opportunity you may have to realise your full potential.

What You Should Do – If you’re frequently having these dreams, doors might be opening up for you in your real life. First, you must identify them. Stay open to things you would otherwise be hesitant to explore, as one venture allows you to recognise other opportunities you couldn’t have imagined or taken advantage of otherwise.

Don’t see your dream? We had some fun taking this quiz which links your dream to your personality.

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