Ergonomic v Conventional Beds

What's the difference?

There is no doubt conventional beds look and feel good and are appropriate in some circumstances. However if you want to wake up feeling rejuvenated, require the right spine alignment, have trouble with partner disturbance etc then only an Ergolife bed can meet all your needs.

FunctionErgonomic BedConventional Bed
Comfort Layersticktick
Double Sided or Single Sidedticksingle sided only
Box Springsticktick
Pocket Springsticktick
Variable Pocket Springsresponsive pocket springs5-7 zones
Visco/Foam/Memory Foamticktick
Adjustable Shoulder Zonetickcross
Shoulder Zonetickcross
Adjustable Lumbar Zonetickcross
Lumbar Zonetickcross
Adjustable Hip Zonetickcross
Hip Zonetickcross
Adjustability Both Sidestickcross
Partner Zonestickcomfort layers only
GST Freetickcross
Happiness Guaranteetickcross

Ergonomic Beds:

  • Provide a high degree of flexibility, not seen in any conventional bed
  • Have been recognised by the ATO as a health aid, a claim no other bed manufacturer can make

Even with comfort layers, any conventional bed will not be able to support your body correctly and it will not be suitable for two different body types unless there is a compromise made.