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Orders & Shipping

Delivery fee is impacted by the size of the mattress and whether two persons are required. Please call the store for the exact delivery cost.

It’s best if someone is home so we can bring the mattress inside for you. If that isn’t possible, we can usually accommodate requests to leave your mattress in a designated place. This will need to be discussed with the store in question.

We should be able to help you get the mattress up the stairs and into a second story bedroom. Just let us know your specific requirements when arranging your purchase and delivery.

Beds for Backs is the exclusive stockist of ErgoLife – ErgoLife products were the first sleep products to receive Australian Tax Office recognition as a Health Aid. What does this mean? All our ergonomic products are GST Free – that’s huge savings for our customers, all year round !!

Senior Card holders can obtain up to 12.5% discount on our ErgoLife range and Electric Adjustable beds.

GST Free, Interest Free & Lay-by terms
Interest Free Terms & Lay-by available – 6 MONTHS 0% INTEREST*
By utilising the 0% payment plans you can purchase today with only 10% deposit
interest free finance. Best of all, providing you comply with all terms and conditions
and pay the purchase in full by the end of the interest free term, you will never have
to pay any interest on your purchase. All terms and conditions details are available
on application. Offers are available to approved applicants only.

  • only 10% deposit;
  • up to 6 months interest free;
  • take home straight away;
  • a better night’s sleep.

Returns & Exchanges

We offer a 60 Night Happiness Guarantee, so you have 60 nights to decide if your purchase is the perfect match – if you’re not happy with it you can easily adjust or replace it.


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We’re launching ecommerce very soon so yes! But until then you can view the range online before heading in store.

Absolutely, two single mattresses’ will make up your double/queen/king mattress so you can adjust each one individually depending on your own personal comfort style


It’s not about age, it’s about better sleep and better rest for a better life! It’s never too soon to go ergonomic! A mattress that supports your natural shape isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Ergonomics is the science of designing products to suit people and their lifestyles, focusing on improving interactions with every day products.

Ergonomically designed beds apply known and tested ergonomic principles to the design and development of beds. Such beds are engineered to relieve stress on the body by distributing weight and supporting the natural alignment of an individual during sleep.

Based on the science of physics and engineering, zero stress refers to the design of a structure to distribute the user’s weight to reduce stress on the body.

In a standing position a neutral posture is achieved where the spine is naturally straight in the vertical plane and the hips and shoulders are straight in the horizontal plane. It is assumed that a neutral posture imposes the least amount of stress on the vertebral column (spine).