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Exclusive Club Platinum Membership

$149.95 for 3 years membership

We would be thrilled to have you as a Beds for Backs Club Platinum Member. Make the most out of the great everyday savings you get as a Club Platinum Member. Enjoy these exclusive benefits across all Beds for Backs stores in Victoria.

1. Receive extra discounts to all offers advertised below.

2. On purchase of any Ergolife Mattress you are entitled for free delivery within Victoria (Melbourne and Regional Centers).

3. Optional home visits before or after delivery (Melbourne metro only).

4. On purchase of superior ergonomic health beds you will be receiving – 7 Nights Free Holiday to Bali/Phuket (currently available up to Oct 2020). Also, you be receiving Entertainment Gold card with hundreds of $$$ in savings across cinemas, restaurants, informal dining, international flights, gymnasiums and sports facilities etc.

5. Savings at dozens of diverse industries(footwear, gym equipment, furniture etc)

6. All our Ergonomic Products are GST Free! That’s huge savings on ergonomic beds and pillows!

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