The Latest Innovation in Sleep Technology

Fact. You’ll sleep better with science (literally) on your side. And we can prove it.

We’ve spent over 20 years studying the science of sleep. The more we learn, the more we’re sure: Great sleep changes everything.

You’ve seen ergonomics in action in your workplace. In that context, the science of designing a space or environment to improve human performance, boost productivity and reduce risk is normal. Every day at work, millions of us make small adjustments to the way we interact with our environment to optimise both our wellbeing and our performance – and avoid real risks.

We spend a third of our lives in bed. It’s time ergonomics worked its magic with your mattress too. With science by your side, great sleep is a given.

No mattress or bed construction with a flat surface and near uniform firmness can, by itself, be capable of supporting the human body in a orthopedically correct zero stress posture.


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Adjustable ergonomic support is the
smartest sleep innovation on the market.

Backed by clinical studies, the application of ergonomics to beds and mattresses is the latest advancement in the science of good sleep. Just ask the experts. If case studies and scientific proof are your cup of tea, you’ll be wanting to take a look at the outcome of these irrefutable studies.

Adjustability is the only way an inherently flat, near uniform foundation can claim to properly support the body that buys it. Fact.

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Better Sleep. Backed by Science.

We specialise in smarter sleep systems engineered to suit your individual needs.

Crafted from high performance materials clinically proven to enhance support, our tailored sleep systems are all about you. We’ve married unique ergonomic design with premium materials to deliver a sleep solution capable of delivering ergonomic support and customised comfort for every body, and every budget.

Engineered for wellbeing, ergonomic technology allows every product purchased from Beds for Backs to be easily adjusted to your natural shape. You’ll feel the difference for yourself. With the help of our sleep specialists, thousands of happy customers have discovered just how life changing an ergonomic transformation can be: for their sleep and for their overall wellbeing.

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and set yourself up for the best night sleep.

Clinically proven benefits

Reduced Back Pain

Reduced Hip & Shoulder Pain

Alleviate Snoring

Alleviate Sleep
Apnoea & Asthma

Improved Rest &

Eliminate Partner

Because it’s so much more than a mattress….