Dial Base

Zero Stress Dial Base
A1. Zero Stress Dial Base in Linen
A2. Zero Stress Dial Base with Latex

Dial Base

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The Zero Stress Dial Base, utilising Bodyfit Dynamics provides the ultimate in shoulder & hip relief and unmatched lumbar support. Excellent for use with latex, pocket spring or memory foam mattresses.

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The Zero Stress Dials can be adjusted to the millimetre providing the best fit to your body and needs ensuring your mattress conforms to your requirements. With the ability to make adjustments on either side gives individuals control over their requirements without compromise providing:

  1. Shoulder and hip pressure relief
  2. Real lower back support providing Zero Stress to the spine.
  3. Adjustable slats for firmer or softer feel.
  4. Better body alignment and comfort than any other bed.
  5. Relaxing sleep
  6. Quicker and Superior recovery.
  7. Easing the pain for people with chronic issues


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