4900 Ergo LUMBAR Support Bed

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4900 Ergo LUMBAR Support Bed

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The Ergo-electric Lumbar provides automatic lumbar support to reduce stress on the spine when required to sit or sleep for long periods of time. Designed and Engineered in the USA.

Beds for Backs is dedicated to advancing science and technology for lumbar support beds and mattresses. We recommend our Ergo-Electric Lumbar Support Bed for use with our Latex or Pocket Spring lumbar support mattress for ultimate comfort.

An adjustable lumbar support bed is the best bed for your whole life, not just for those already experiencing back pain. Our Ergo-Electric lumbar support bed has been developed with principles of engineering and ergonomics to craft the highest quality adjustable bed. You can do more than sleep in this lumbar support bed. The head elevation makes it easy to comfortably read a book or work on a laptop or tablet.

Rest easy each night and enjoy a better sleep with our Ergo Lumbar support bed, paired with a lumbar support mattress from our range.

Enquire with us today or drop into our showroom so our consultants can recommend the best lumbar support bed for you.

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Whether you are required to sit or sleep in a sitting position or you are just relaxing watching TV or looking up social media on your device this adjustable bed allows for:

  • Automatic lumbar support bed: An adjustable bed can reduce back pain by shifting weight off your back. Use with a lumbar support mattress for the maximum comfort.
  • Zero Gravity positioning: Engineered by experts, zero gravity allows you to experience weightlessness with your lumbar support mattress. Enjoy the medical and lifestyle benefits of this technology, regardless of your current sleep needs and how they change overtime.
  • Remote control: Stay in control of your comfort and personalise your comfort for any activity. Easily exit or enter with your bed with this adjustability. Use the remote control to manually decide your best position to keep you the most comfortable and relieve pressure on your joints and muscle.
  • Variable rate full body massage: Get the option of adding a whole-body vibration massage function to your lumbar support bed. This can help you sleep more peacefully and improve cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation and improve joint mobility.
  • Optional hi-lo function available: The hi-lo function is for safely raising the bed to assist in entering and exiting the bed independently.
  • Aids people with reflux, snoring or breathing: The elevation at the head and feet can assist in keeping airways open to alleviate these issues. Snoring and breathing issues result in light sleeping patterns and can cause you to frequently wake up.
  • Aids people who need to be in bed for extended periods: Have the ability to elevate your bed to your most comfortable position. Our homecare beds offer a wide range of positioning options to increase your comfort.

Recommended for use with our Latex or Pocket Spring mattresses for an ultimate lumbar support bed solution.


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