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Exceptional Ergonomic Luxury Beds in Melbourne

Beds for Backs provides the only innovative and comfortable luxury beds in Melbourne so its residents can greatly benefit from significantly better sleep.

Our designer bedding experts understand that traditional beds don’t offer users good neck support and posture pillows and mattresses which can cause much stiffness and pain.

Whether you’re after a luxury king bed or luxury queen bed, or you require a specific type of chiro luxury mattress or pillow, you will easily be able to find what you need within our range of luxury beds online or in-store.

Ergolife Active Supreme

Ergolife Active Supreme is ergonomically designed for short–tall and medium–heavy body types:

  • You can customise the feel of your new bed
  • Gently supports your shoulders and hips
  • Provides real and adjustable lower back support
  • Reduces roll-to-centre
  • Reduces snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms

Ergolife Contour Supreme

The Ergolife Contour Supreme beds are ergonomic luxury comfort beds that are intended for short–tall and light-medium body types to sleep on:

  • The feel of these luxury beds can be customised
  • Soft in the shoulder and hip areas, firm lower back support
  • Superior support and body alignment than any other pocket spring mattress
  • Reduces partner disturbance

Ergolife Lumbar adjustable beds

The ONLY adjustable electric bed base with automatic lumbar support, allowing you to sleep with your chest elevated for long periods of time and still be supported. Without the lumbar support and the fitting of your shoulders into the mattress, you will cause immense strain to your lower back.

The Ergolife Lumbar gives you the freedom to relax in your luxury king bed or luxury queen bed with a book, TV, laptop or iPad in many different positions. These incredible luxury beds provide:

  • Head and leg adjustability
  • Automatic lumbar support to reduce stress on lumbar arch and spine when required to sit or sleep in an elevated position
  • Capacity for independent adjustability on either side
  • Hi-Lo function available
  • Variable rate full body massage (head to foot plus specific areas)
  • Available in sizes Split King, Split Queen, ½ Queen, King Single and Long Single

Is itwithin my budget? It sure is! If you can manage to pay between $30 and $40 every week, we can offer you an Interest Free Plan that includes options to suit you.

Come test and compare the Ergolife Lumbar for yourself. Discover how our Australian-made and scientifically tested range of ergonomic luxury beds in Melbourne can deliver you better sleep. We knowwhen it comes to luxury comfort beds that it’s what’s insidethat makes all the difference.

You can also read more about the expertiseand meticuloustesting required to ensure that our Ergolife range of designer bedding is up to standard.

Ergolife Contour Latex

Ergonomically designed natural breathable range of latex chiro luxury mattresses.

  • Inbuilt ergonomic qualities that alleviate pressure points reduce tossing and turning, and prevent partner disturbance for a rejuvenating sleep
  • The best material to contour around your body curves
  • Allows better blood circulation
  • Natural material with allergy free properties

Classique Supreme

Classique Supreme pocket spring mattress:

  • Individual springs provide an improved level of contouring, resulting in decreased peak pressure on hips and shoulders
  • Customise each side of the bed with the ability to choose the comfort layer for yourself and your partner (equal to 84 comfort combinations for each mattress)
  • Good for blood circulation
  • Excellent for decreasing partner disturbance
  • Suitable for use with the Ergolife Zero Stress range

Browse through Our Luxury Beds Online

Beds for Backs sells a very large number of models of designer bedding that  ensures people of all body types receive a great sleep  at night. Feel free to browse through our range of luxury beds online or visit one of our stores to see them in person. Give us a call on 1800 961 010 or submit an enquiry through our contact page for more information on our luxury beds in Melbourne.

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