Ergolife Pillows

Leading edge ergonomic designs providing support to your head, neck and chin.

  • Anti-snore pillow design to help you achieve a better sleep.
  • Designed to suit all sleeping positions, including side, back and front sleepers.
  • Choices include allergy free natural latex and memory foam with cooling layers to aid temperature control.
  • Removable and washable organic cotton covers incorporating our unique 3D mesh insert for temperature control.
  • Some even have an adjustable insert providing an extra 20mm height if required.

B4B has the largest range of ergonomic anti-snore pillows to help you achieve a better sleep.

For best results you need to try the pillow with the bed before you purchase.

We invite you to come into Beds for Backs to test and trial so you get the right pillow with the right bed to meet your needs.

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