Ergolife Active

This is the first ergonomic mattress range of body alignment beds to have been introduced and sold in the marketplace. It is ideally suited to medium-tall and medium-heavy body types.

These orthopaedic beds are unique and provide the following features:

  • Adjustable lower-back support mattresses
  • Pressure and stress relief for shoulders and neck
  • The flexibility to fit on your current base*
  • Reduces roll-to-centre
  • Reduces snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms
  • Available in sizes King, Queen & Double
  • vailable in 2 Feel categories: ‘Firm’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Plush’, as is usual Plus – 3 models that can have its’ Feel and Comfort Layers chosen/specified by YOU: Supreme, *Select and Support

* requires your base to be able to offer solid support

** Select Mattress:

  • Our Select mattress model allows you to personalise and change the comfort layers as and when you wish – in your own home
  • None of the known brands offer you this flexibility

Is it in my budget? Yes, it is! If you are able to afford to pay between $20 and $30 each week, we can offer you an Interest Free Plan with options to suit your budget. The Ergolife Active Mattress Range comes in a size, model and price to suit everyone.

*It’s the support features within the mattress (not the padding layers) that make a huge difference. Come test and compare the Ergolife Active Mattress range for yourself. Discover how this scientifically tested ergonomic bed range can help you sleep better.

Feel free to read more about the science and rigorous testing behind our Ergolife range to understand the benefits this product can provide by visiting:

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