Eco Latex & Orthopedic Mattresses

Beds for Backs has many models of latex mattress for adjustable beds in stock suitable for anyone searching for an eco latex mattress to help them sleep better. Our team are fully informed on the benefits and limitations that each type of latex mattress in Melbourne is capable of and how they can improve the quality of your sleep. We understand that many customers are unable to use traditional non-ergonomic beds due to comfort issues and problems with pain so we stock many ergonomic models for them.

Our stores offer customers many different types of bed base for latex mattresses, with natural latex mattresses and ergonomic bed bases providing the best sleep a bed can give when coupled with an organic latex mattress in Melbourne.

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Feel free to browse through each type of latex mattress for adjustable beds, bed base for latex mattresses and the ‘Combination of our ergonomic Zero Stress Bases – the combination of which produces the best comfort, sleep and rest that a bed can give’ – online, or visit one of our stores to see them for yourself. You can also call us on 1800 961 010 or submit an enquiry through our contact pageĀ for further information on any latex mattress our Melbourne stores stock.

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