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Custom Made Beds & Custom Made Mattresses in Melbourne

Having a good bed to sleep in is important for ensuring a good night’s sleep every night. When the standard doesn’t suffice, Beds for Backs can design and manufacture custom made beds in Melbourne suitable just for you.

Whether you need extra length or width, heavier weight framing or other unique requirements, we have you covered. Our custom bed frames are Melbourne made by ErgoLife International to suit your unique size and shape, with a range of custom mattress options available to ensure you enjoy extra comfort for the best rest.

Why Choose Beds for Backs for a Custom Mattress?

One reason you should choose Beds for Backs as your provider of custom size mattresses and custom made bedheads in Melbourne is because our friendly team are more than happy to assist you with your requirements. We’re fully knowledgeable of everything related to all mattresses  including all features such as cost, how long they’ll take to make, and other factors.

Our custom mattress professionals can provide you with custom made mattresses and custom made bedheads in Melbourne that are both comfortable and durable, ensuring they’ll last for the long term.

You can enjoy custom mattress options including:

  • Custom size mattresses of different widths and lengths
  • Custom mattress height
  • Core construction – Bonnel springs, pocket springs, foam, latex and a range of other unique systems
  • Tight top (flat and plain),  Pillow Top, Euro Top and our unique Removable tops and changeable comfort layers
  • Comfort layer materials and finish
  • Natural fibre – finishing top fabrics on your custom mattress with choices of  top, bottom and borders

Enquire About Our Custom Size Mattresses  and Custom Size Beds Today

Beds for Backs can build quality custom made mattresses, bases  and custom made bedheads in Melbourne for customers who have trouble sleeping in ordinary beds or who have specific size or  ergonomic requirements for their body. Call us on 1800 961 010 or send an enquiry through our contact page for additional information on our custom made mattresses for a better night’s sleep.

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