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The foundation of your bed is its base. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Brighton, Dandenong, or Warragul, bedding is something everyone should take seriously in order to get a good night’s sleep.

To ensure that our customers get the bed they need, Beds for Backs stocks many different types of bed heads and bed bases in Melbourne. We invite you to drop into one of our stores to view each single mattress base, king single mattress base, double mattress base, queen mattress base or king mattress base for yourself so you can find the right base for you.

Please Note:

  1. Our ergonomic, Zero-stress bed bases come in all common sizes as well as special customised sizes. bed base
  2. When coupled with latex or bendable spring mattresses, they produce the absolute best comfort, sleep, rest and recovery a mattress or bed can give – at less than $9,000. The quality of which even beds of $20 thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars cannot produce and give.

Simply because they are ergonomic and shapeable to you – even individually by each partner and those others are just gimmicks, and full of useless (but good looking) bells and whistles.

Our experienced team takes your specific bedding requirements into account when we design our beds and mattresses. Call Beds for Backs today on 1800 961 010 or submit an enquiry via our contact page for more information on our bedheads or bed bases in Melbourne. Regardless of whether you come to our store in Nunawading, Campbellfield, or Warragul, your bedding issues will soon be a thing of the past.

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We Believe in Your Right to Make an Informed Choice. Because However Enjoyable, Gimmicks and Clever Brand Marketing Can Never Give You the Comfort You Need and Crave for.