NDIS Approved Beds & Bedding

What are NDIS Approved Beds

At the heart of what we do, is our purpose to provide better support and better sleep for Australians. The design of Beds for Backs products is driven by science, engineering and innovation. This is why our beds continuously challenge the standards in the Australian bedding market. It all started 30 years back with our founder, Mario Piraino, who applied the principles of engineering and ergonomics to mattresses and bases. With a background as a structural engineer, Mario Piraino deduced that the only bed that could give you a better night’s sleep, with the support your body’s needs, was one that is based on engineering principles.

Thus, we created the first ever ergonomic bed, and have since provided better support and better sleep to thousands of consumers. Our research unites various backgrounds from engineering and ergonomics to redefine the standard of bed systems

Beds for Backs is proudly the only bed in the world that is officially recognised and accredited by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) after production. Our range has been studied by ergonomists, engineers and research scientists at Melbourne and Macquarie Universities. We set the standard for improving the quality of life when it comes to NDIS approved beds and NDIS approved adjustable beds. This honour distinguishes us and fuels our desire to keep innovating in the sleep industry.

Benefits of using Ndis Approved Adjustable Beds

The Ergolife beds at Beds for Backs are developed through rigorous engineering and design, and testing to become NDIS approved beds. Our beds are the best in the market because development is underpinned by the best in manufacturing, clinical technicians, medical researchers, scientific researchers, biomechanical experts and engineering specialists.

A NDIS approved bed from Beds for Backs is the best way to wake up and provides the best levels of support your body needs. Sleep is a critical time for your body to repair and restore different functions, so you owe it to your body to get a good night’s sleep. As the only bedmaker with NDIS approval Beds for Backs offers a proven tried and tested product so that you can rest assured your mattress is supporting you in getting an optimal night’s sleep.

Our carefully curated collection of NDIS electric beds and adjustable bedding can help you improve the quality of your sleep. The difference with our designs is in the attention to detail, which is constructed with remarkable durability and comfort to deliver you the best and only NDIS approved bedding on the market.

Talk to our bedding experts today to find out how a tailored, NDIS approved bed can change your life today.

How to choose Ndis approved bedding

The most common question we get asked is “What is the best bed for me?”

With the help of our NDIS approved bed experts, we can ensure that your bed has the features that you need backed by science and engineering. The closer the design mirrors your body, the more support you will receive so you get the best night’s sleep. We’ll examine your sleeping posture and spinal alignment to give our recommendations based on ergonomic and engineering principles and based on what your body needs

Discover our NDIS approved adjustable beds, NDIS electric beds and bedding by calling us today!

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