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Are you ready to turn your passion for wellbeing into a business opportunity?
We’re always looking for smart, driven individuals ready to flex their entrepreneurial spirit and dream up new, innovative ways to help more people discover the life
changing magic of the right mattress.

We’re so much more than a mattress retailer.
Yes, of course we sell mattresses but we don’t think of ourselves
as being in the “mattress retail” industry. We’re all about wellbeing.

Yes we sell bedding, but we don’t think of ourselves as being a retailer. We’re in the wellbeing industry:

  • We are innovators who have brought ergonomics to the bedding sector.
  • No other manufacturer or retailer can claim they have the benefits of ergonomic design within their beds.
  • With the back-up of university and ergonomists testing this is truly the future of the bedding industry.
  • A real focus on the individuals wellbeing and health, not just a sale for the sake of it.

So what are the benefits of starting up an Agency with Beds for Backs:

  • Joining the bedding innovators who see the future differently.
  • Minimal start-up costs with the potential to make a real mark in the wellbeing sector.
  • Opportunity to start your own enterprise and reap the benefits of hard work.
  • Opportunity to select your own site.
  • Share in the exposure of excellent website, social media and high TV and radio advertising.
  • Join a family oriented group without being tied into a “franchise” style of business.

I started working for Beds For Backs Company in its beginning – 1997.

Over the years I have seen Beds For Backs evolve and have learnt invaluable things through this time particularly from the founder Mario Piraino. During the 21.5 years working for the Company I also was involved in the Customer service side of the business which has been useful now that I have my own Beds For Backs Store.

For a few years I looked at possible premises to open my own Beds For Backs Store. In October 2018 I found a suitable premise in the area I wanted and with support from Management in negotiating the lease, I was open in 4c days, well in time for the Christmas lead up.

Since owning my own business I have dedicated more time to my store than I did as an employee.

I have also looked at other ways to create opportunities for more sales.

I have now been open for 14 months and have made a profit each and every month.

My setup costs were minimal as Beds For Backs Group supply the Floor Stock. My only costs were fittings in the showroom and signage.

The Licensing offer as a Channel Partner was very appealing and the overall percentage per sale is way better than an Franchising offers available in the Industry.

For further information I am happy to discuss with anyone who is serious about doing the same.

Peter Scroggie
Beds For Backs Yarraville
3 / 355 Somerville Road
Phone: (03) 9314 2550


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