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Hot Between the Sheets

Too hot at night? The right quilt will help you to regulate your body temperature.

Too hot at night? The right quilt will help you to regulate your body temperature.

Duvet, doona, quilt or blanket – they have been given many names over the ages. Whatever you call them, they have become warm and cosy bed necessities, but did you know they can affect your sleep quality?

A bed quilt helps regulate and maintain our body temperature while we sleep.

We’re constantly losing heat to our environment. If you’re generating heat faster than you can lose it (like in summer) then your body heats up. If you lose heat faster than you can produce it (like in winter) then your body gets cold.

Bed quilts and blankets help slow down and prevent your body heat from escaping into the air around you, keeping you at just the right temperature for a good night’s rest. And just as Goldilocks discovered, finding the right balance is the key…

Too Hot?

A quilt that’s too thick or heavy will stop heat from escaping and can lead to overheating. Once the body reaches 24 ºC, it enters the thermoneutral zone, and starts to take active measures to regulate its temperature. If your temperature continues to rise, we start to sweat, more blood rushes to the surface of the skin and breathing becomes heavy. These symptoms can severely reduce the quality and recommended sleep duration.

Too Cold?

Quilts form a protective barrier between your body and cold air. Since heat doesn’t transfer through quilts easily, they stop heat from escaping. The colder your surroundings, the more insulation you’ll need to keep your body heat from escaping.

Just Right

To get the best sleep possible, your bedroom temperature should be around 19ºC. Think of your room as a cave – it should be cool, quiet and dark. This way, the body doesn’t have to do anything to create or reduce heat while you sleep.

To keep your body at this temperature while you sleep, we recommend a quilt that’s suitable for the season. A thick quilt should be used in winter to compensate for the chilly nights and a lighter one in the hotter months to keep your body cool.

Consider different materials too. A microfibre filling is easy to maintain, hypoallergenic and warm; bamboo is ultra-light, breathable and natural; feather is known for providing the most warmth; and wool is a great all-rounder.

We also recommend adding a cooling layer on your mattress, as they help air to circulate around you while you sleep. Our cooling layers use three-dimensional material, allowing for extra airflow and dissipation of heat and can be added to any of our beds.

The right quilts and cooling layers will help you remain the optimum core temperature while you sleep. Visit us in store to find out how the right bed and bedding can help you get the best rest possible.

If you’re looking for more ways to stay cool during the night, take a look here.

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