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Electric Adjustable Beds: A Buyers Guide

Upgrading your bed can seem like a daunting task.

Just like swapping that old manual tooth brush for an electric one, you’ll want to ensure it’s the right fit and will meet your specific needs, so that you can fully enjoy the benefits.

The same applies when choosing the perfect bed. Selecting an electric adjustable bed requires careful thought and consideration on what your current needs are, as well as any future needs. That’s why we’re here to guide you on exactly how to go about buying one.

Look at Your Lifestyle

Electrical adjustable beds are suitable for all types of lifestyles.

Electrical adjustable beds are suitable for all types of lifestyles.

Electric adjustable beds provide many more positions for sleep and rest than a flat, fixed bed.

They are crucial for people with health conditions and mobility restrictions but they are equally ideal and beneficial as lifestyle beds. Before you make a purchase, ensure you contemplate the following questions:

  • Do you wake up with any specific body aches or pains?
  • Do you often read, watch TV or work on your laptop in bed?
  • Do you and your partner have different needs?
  • Do you ever eat breakfast in bed?

Asking simple questions such as these, will help you determine what you need, before you begin researching electric adjustable bed options. You want your new bed to suit your lifestyle. After all, most of us spend a third of our lives in bed!

Consider Your Existing Frame

You may be eager to throw out that old bed but equally concerned that upgrading can be costly. Don’t worry, upgrading to an electric adjustable bed does not necessarily require replacing the entire bed you already own.

If you have a bed frame you’re attached to there are options available, providing it has a solid base and you can confirm the correct measurements.

Seek Reliability and a Guarantee

Buying a new bed is a big investment. You want it to last, so you need assurance of the quality. A guarantee is evidence that the manufacturer or retailer has faith in the quality and reliability of their products.

We recommend seeking knowledge and insight from the experiences of others. Websites like Product Review are a reliable source of independent reviews by consumers, about a range of products on the Australian market.

Ask About Servicing and Support

In order to be adjustable to multiple positions, the manufacturing of electric adjustable beds is more complex and generally more expensive than a flat, fixed bed.

They have more components including moving panels, electric controls and an electric motor.  As a result, minor problems may occur from time to time and some parts may need to be replaced.

Therefore, it is very important that you buy from a reliable company that:

  1. can support and service your bed in the area that you live in
  2. will be around to supply any spare parts, if and when you need them
  3. is available to answer any questions or concerns you might have

Try Before You Buy!

Finally, it is essential that you try an electric adjustable bed before you buy one. Visit your local showroom to test out the different options and see how they can be altered to suit your individual needs.

At Beds for Backs, trained specialists will happily help you test, compare and choose the best bed to suit your needs and lifestyle.  View our range or visit your nearest store for more details on how an electric adjustable bed can help you enjoy your bed-time and compliment your lifestyle. Our electric adjustable beds are guaranteed to provide ergonomic support for your body to ensure better sleep and overall health.


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