The ONLY adjustable electric bed base with automatic lumbar support. Allowing you to sleep with your chest elevated for long periods of time and still be supported. Without the lumbar support you will cause immense strain to your lower back.

The Ergolife Lumbar gives you the freedom to relax in bed with a book, TV, laptop, iPad in a thousand different positions. This incredible bed provides:

  • Head and leg adjustability.
  • Automatic lumbar support to reduce stress on lumbar arch and spine when required to sit or sleep in an elevated position
  • Capacity for independent adjustability on either side
  • The convenient Hi-Lo function read more
  • Variable rate full body massage (head to foot plus specific areas)
  • Available in sizes; Split King, Split Queen, ½ Queen, King Single & Long Single

Is it in my budget? Absolutely! If you can afford to pay between $20 and $30 per week, we have an Interest Free Plan with options to suit you.

Come test and compare the Ergolife Lumbar for yourself. Discover how our tailored, scientifically tested ergonomic bed range can deliver you better sleep. We know it’s what’s inside that makes the difference.

You can also read more about the science and rigorous testing behind our Ergolife range to see for yourself the superiority of this product.


Hi Lo Function

  • Allows the bed to be raised and lowered to suit your needs
  • Is an essential function provided in only a few models (such as those in hospitals)
  • Adheres to Health and Safety regulations for carers in reducing back strain. So, if you are being cared for by a Professional Carer or loved one, the Ergolife lumbar can be easily raised and lowered to reduce the likelihood of Carers straining their backs
  • Is essential for those with degenerative or chronic conditions.