About Beds for Backs

At Beds for Backs we are dedicated to developing the best support for Australians to get the best sleep. Our disruptive technology and research have significantly altered the bedding industry. Regardless of what life stage you’re in, a bed built with ergonomics in mind is superior to all other beds.

It all started 30 years ago when our founder Mario Piraino challenged the quality of beds and mattresses with an approach that was underpinned by structural engineering. He realised that to make quality of beds in Australia there was a need to focus on ergonomic principles in order to best serve Australians for their whole life. Mario Piranino’s leadership and determination challenged the quality of beds and mattresses in Australia. Our ErgoLife products are the only ergonomic mattress, base and lumbar support systems that have been independently tested by Macquarie University, Melbourne university and Dohrmann Consulting (leading ergonomics experts in Australia).

Our improvements and changes to bedding and mattresses cater to a wide range of people because we believe in personalisation and customisation. Test, compare and discover our range today. Contact us or visit us in our showroom to discover the best sleep solution for you.

Who We are

We have leveraged our expertise across bioengineering and ergonomics to develop state of the art bedding technology. Our sleep experts are knowledgeable in our bedding systems and use research to explain why our beds are the best in the market. Our bedding experts and sleep specialists are passionate about finding a sleep solution that you can rely on for your whole life.

We believe that when you personalise your sleep experience, this can empower you to improve your sleep. By helping you sleep better at night, you can be more productive and energetic during your waking hours.

Our team of bedding experts spend the time with you, and we take you through every step of choosing the best bed for your life. We want you to make the most informed decision when it comes to choosing your bed.

We do this by taking the time to help you find a bed that gives you true comfort, better sleep, and maximum rest. During a consultation with our experts, we make the time to understand how these factors can influence the right bed for you:

  • Your body
  • Your lifestyle and occupation
  • Level of comfort required
  • Specific needs of your partner

We want to educate you on correct body support for your neck, shoulders, and hips. During our consultation, we can help you make a better decision about the best bed for you and your family within your budget.

We are passionate about understanding your needs so that we can offer you the most comfort and support. Contact us or visit our showroom so you can see our dedication to increasing your level of rest.

How We Do This

At Beds for Backs we are committed to finding you the best bed for you today and tomorrow. Our beds are:

  • Customised: Our beds can suit the unique size and shape of your body.
  • Individually adjustable: We ensure your bed can adapt to the changing needs of you and your partner.
  • Provide ultimate support: We are dedicated to creating bedding systems that give you extra comfort, so you get the best rest.

We believe the best bed for you is one that is adjusted to your needs. Our research indicates that the more comfort and support you receive the better level of sleep you will achieve. This is why Beds for Backs provides the best beds for you guaranteed.

Our Best Products

Our range of beds can provide near-perfect support for your body, no matter your lifestyle. Our research showed that no mattress or bed system with a flat surface and uniform firmness is capable of supporting the human body in orthopedically correct posture.

Through our extensive research, we found that beds that support you ergonomically deliver improved health and rejuvenation during sleep. Beds for Back’s Ergolife range is the first and only ergonomically designed range of beds.

Our Ergolife range are the only beds on the market that is:

  • Ergonomically designed: Unlike conventional mattresses, an ergonomic mattress is engineered to provide you ultimate support. Our mattresses are designed to hug the contours of your unique body.
  • Designed for true support: An ergonomic mattress can provide relief to your back, hips and shoulders.
  • Designed to deliver true comfort: We aim to create the highest level of comfort so that you get the best sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for your mood, cognitive function and aids overall health.

The Ergolift range is exclusive to Beds for Backs and our sleep specialists are trained to support you in your search for the best bed. If you would like to speak to our bedding specialists to maximise your rest, visit us in the showroom or contact us at 1800 961 010

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