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Adjustable Beds (Adjustable Beds Electric)

Mario PirainoElectric Adjustable Beds give you complete freedom to sleep the way your body wants to sleep, while also opening up new ways to use our bed. Now you can read, catch up on work, browse Facebook and Twitter, watch TV etc. - and of course they're still great for sleep! If you have physical problems such as breathing, reflux, etc they can also be a godsend.

At Beds for Backs, we have a large range of Electric Adjustable Beds at a full spectrum of prices – come and visit a Showroom today or phone 1800 185 185 to discuss your needs with one of our Showroom Attendants.

Mario Piraino , Engineer and renowned bed designer and advisor to Beds for backs offers the following tips:

Do you need to spend appreciable time in an 'elevated position'?

If yes - you need to be careful that you don't develop back-ache or worse still, permanent damage.

Are you considering to buy an electric adjustable bed because you have a back problem?

If so … make sure you read the following:

Whether in the home or in the hospital, electric adjustable beds by other manufacturers have one major drawback, a lack of support in the lumbar region.

Walk through a hospital and it easy to see the problem as patients in the sitting up position require pillows behind their lower back to provide the necessary support. This requires difficult regular adjustments of an impractical and temporary solution. Not so with the Spinal Support Bed Systems Electric Adjustable bed available from Beds for Backs that incorporates a clever "automatic lumbar support" mechanism that engages as the back section of the bed is raised.

The optional Hi/Low Lift feature provides the full functionality of a hospital bed but with the attractive look of a normal bed.

Milgate V3 Electric Adjustable Bed

Automatic Lumbar Support.

  • Sturdy metal frame construction
  • Automatic lumbar support
  • Convenient hand held controls for all actions
  • Back and leg lift action
  • Optional Hi/Lo feature
  • Upholstered base surround

Purpose- built design that considered the "extra care" needs and requirements of long term or prolonged bed rest. Select from a wide choice of mattress types available providing variety in comfort preferences (latex products are highly recommended here). Durability from the all metal frame construction and high rating drive motors ensure lasting performance. Unique feature of Automatic Lumbar Support is a must for maximum support of the lower back in the sitting position. With the upholstered base surround this bed appears like an attractive piece of bedroom furniture, not a hospital bed.

Electronically Controlled Adjustable Bed Height

This optional feature controls the height of the bed unit to provide convenient access for carers reducing stress on their lower back by providing the right height position. With a slight offset in the vertical lift the bed unit raises slightly outward from the vertical wall surface to prevent damage to plaster walls.

Do you need (or will you need) 'Home Care'?

If so, check with your carer-organizations. Because of new Health and Safety Regulations, they will not come to care for you unless you have a bed that has a Vertical Hi-Lo action. So before you spend your money, be sure you are not wasting it.

Our Health Bed Engineer Mario Piraino says: Always remember: if you are on an adjustable-bed with your chest or feet elevated – DON"T TURN ONTO YOUR SIDE!! (at least only for a very short time) This can cause a lot of strain and stress on your L2-L5 area.

To find the right mattress or bed bases for your body type use our Wizard , but for the best results contact us on 1800 185 185 today or contact us online to schedule a consultation at one of our retail locations.