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Welcome to Beds for Backs

The Sleep Pioneers

At Beds for Backs we believe in restful, healthy sleep. We've devoted extensive time, resources, and energy into sleep research to ensure our customers get something more than just a comfortable night's sleep – Our goal is a rest that rejuvenates the overall health and wellbeing of your body.

Our aim is to sell you not only comfortable beds to sleep on but also supportive beds that will assist your body to find its natural alignment. This in turn will give you better rest while you sleep and lead to improved health and quality of life. Beds for Backs provide you with information, allowing you to make the decision that is best for you.

We are Australia's mattress experts; providing a range of comfortable and supportive beds and valuable sleep information. At Beds for Backs, we don't want to just sell any bed to any one, like you'll find in most large furniture stores; we want to supply our customer with effective, personalised solutions to their problems.


Expert Consultations

Our comprehensive consultation process ensures customers receive a bed that's customized and optimized for their complete sleep comfort. At Beds for Backs we help you to factor in everything to make sure you get the best night's sleep possible:

  • Weight
  • Shape
  • Age
  • Injuries
  • Partner disturbances during rest
  • Snoring

Satisfied Customers

With over 20-years experience in the industry, we have scores of testimonials from happy customers who claim that their custom bed systems have helped them overcome the effects of years of interrupted and painful sleep. Many say they're now experiencing the best night's rest ever, and that they've finally found relief from many ongoing health concerns.

Guided by Scientific Research...and Common Sense

We offer individual solutions based totally on results obtained from scientific research, truthful information and common sense. Our years of study in the sleep sciences haven't resulted in a product that's technically correct but missing out on important details. We're guided as much by real time sleep concerns and feedback from customers over the years.

Some of the principles that guide us at Beds for Backs:

  • You have a limited time to sleep, and therefore you need to maximize the rest from each and every minute of it
  • You should purchase with a full knowledge of all the facts about your product, its design features, and the materials used to make it – minus the sales gimmicks, biased opinions, and exaggerated claims used by most retailers of bed systems.
  • You can get the right solution the first time with a comprehensive study of your unique sleep needs, and that bed will have the latest technology proven by independent scientific testing.
  • That your bed should be able to adjust as you change. Beds for Backs offers the only bed systems that you can personalize completely to the requirements of your body.

Beds for Backs is Australian ingenuity at its best. Yes, we can design beds better than what's been done in the rest of the world....and we're proud of it. Come test and see for yourself.

Contact us on 1800 185 185 today or contact us online for the best sleep solutions in Australia.